10 Steps to Do Computer Yoga

10 Steps to Do Computer Yoga

Computer yoga is an excellent form of yoga which is not only very easy to do but is also helpful in providing relief to tensed muscles and painful neck or back.  Computer yoga or yoga for computer user helps to calm your mind and is excellent for all those who are into long hours of office work or writing work. 

The following are the 10 tips to do computer yoga:

Steps to Do Computer yoga :-

1. The first step to do is to move your head and recite ‘om’ mantra in your head.  While doing this, turn your head forward, backwards, left and right.

2. The next step to do computer yoga is to move your shoulders.  This will resolve the tensions in all your body parts.  Move your shoulders backwards and forwards and also move your elbows while reciting ‘om’ in your head.

3. Now you must move your spine to the left and the right side.  While doing this too, you will need to recite ‘om’ mantra in your mind continuously.

4. Now is the time to move your feet on the ground. You must move your feet in all possible directions and continuously think ‘om’ in your mind.  Feel the rhythm of this mantra in your head and feel the calmness it brings to you.

5. The next step to do computer yoga is to massage your entire body from your head to your feet.  To do this, you will need to hold your hands over your head and then rub your palms against each other.  Say ‘om’ to heaven and feel its light coming towards you.

6. Now move your hands and imagine sending light to everyone you love-your friends, loved ones and family members.  Imagine sending them love, health and happiness.

7. Now rub your palms together.  While doing this, say ‘om’ to all the masters and think about life, your goals, your ambitions and your tasks.  Hear the answer of the heaven and feel yourself being uplifted.

8. Now the next step is to put your hands on your belly or on your legs.  Try to calm your mind and think the mantra ‘om’ in your head.  Say ‘om shanti om’ in your mind.

9. Stop your mind for one minute and stop thinking about anything.  Simple sit and avoid all thoughts. Try to clear your mind from tensions, worries and negative feelings.

10. The next step is to enjoy all that you are doing.

Yoga For Computer User

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