Yoga Poses for Relaxing your Muscles

Yoga Poses for Relaxing your Muscles

Yoga Poses for Relaxing your Muscles

Yoga Poses for Relaxing your Muscles :

Yoga involves all the muscles of your body and it’s considered to be one of the best ways to treat muscle pain and discomfort. Many people also experience post-exercise muscle cramp or soreness, and it is both good and bad at different levels. In this article, we will discuss various yoga poses for relaxing your muscles.

It is good because it actually proves that you worked hard while the asanas and they are being effective. But of course, you can’t deny that the sores are pretty uncomfortable and no matter how much you ‘will’ yourself, you feel every bit broken even if you try to get up to go to the bathroom.

So what do you do to make it go away? You perform the post-workout pose for muscle soreness. They are extremely helpful and invariable eases your muscle cramps and sores as well as increases your body’s mobility and flexibility for all future workouts. Here are a few of the yoga poses that will help you to relax your muscles:

For The Arms

For the arms: Stand with your legs spread a little more than your shoulder length apart. Hinge your torso towards your hip. Now roll your spine don and touch your left hand to the floor. Do not bend your knees.

Relax your neck and head for a while. Afterwards, bring the other arm upwards and look up towards it, feeling your spine bend all the way down. Hold for some time and then do the same with the right hand down. Perform this for at least 10 to 15 times.

For The Leg

For the leg: Begin with a high lunge. Then slowly bend down with your front knee hinged and your back knee touching the ground. Keep your torso in an upright position while you lift up your hands all the way up beside your ears. You would invariably feel a pull in your back leg.

This actually means your pose is working. Hold for sometime before you switch your legs. Perform this at least 5 to 6 times while switching your legs doubles that number of times.

For the Torso

For the torso: In order to relive your torso from all soreness, the best pose is definitely the ustrasana or the camel pose. For this, kneel down on your knees. Begin with your hands on either side of your body and your face facing forward. Now bring one of your hand above your head and turn it backwards all the way so you can catch hold of your heel.

camel pose.

Do the same for your other hand. When you have clasped both your hands, thrust your torso outwards so that your back is relaxed and your head is hanging backwards.

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