A Brief Guide on Yoga Sutra and Meditation.

A Brief Guide on Yoga Sutra and Meditation.

What is Yoga Sutra?

Yoga Sutra is the base of yoga. It is the philosophy that helped the Indian philosopher Patanjali to help us realize the six visions of reality through yoga. Unlike popular belief, yoga is not just a series of body-bending exercises but they are postures that help to awaken the inner eye of man.

That is why every yoga posture has a fitting name. But do not confuse them with religious scriptures as they are not. In fact, the sutras are beads that create a garland when strung together.

Relation Between Yoga Sutra and Meditation

Yoga sutras help you to realize your latent energy. They also help you to meditate. There are several sutras that will guide you on the steps to meditation. But many of you may think that the sutras are aimed at only those who have already mastered the art of meditation.

This is actually not true. When you start reading the sutras, you will realize that each of the principles elucidated in the sutras is applicable to beginners as well as veterans. The only thing to distinguish them is the amount of initiative and concentration necessary.

Once you have read the sutras, you will realize what position you are in and you will be able to evaluate what type of a meditation capacity you have.

Yoga Sutras Required for Meditation

When you start to meditate you will realize that you need to be calm, you must be in a place where there is very little noise, and where you can bring your mind to concentrate on one idea. All these things come together in yoga postures called ‘asana’ which means ‘to sit’. While you are performing these ‘asanas’, your state needs to be:


You must be motionless and in a steady posture. This does not necessarily mean you need to be sitting in a position. You can be performing a yoga posture but you need to hold that pose to be able to meditate.


While you are at a posture that you have chosen to meditate, make sure that you are comfortable there. You need to be happy about what you are doing and your mind should not deliberate about your actions. Stop worrying about when your child will get home and what you will do at work tomorrow. Complete commitment is necessary.

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